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Crab/Unicorn Dishonor Pressure

- - - - -

Tags: Control
Clan: Crab
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Take advantage of Spyglass and other card draw outlets to always bid 1. Spyglass on Crisis Breaker or anything you can ready with Witch Hunter is a huge advantage for you.

Use Assassination and WotC liberally early in the game for resource swings. Your opponent will likely have more cards on the first few turns so if you can use Assassination to smoke something with a bunch of attachments, that's great for you. Later in the game your opponent will only be bidding one, but you'll be drawing significantly more cards off of your holdings and spyglass.

Captive Audience sets up Charge, Crisis Breaker, etc nicely. You are still quite weak in political conflicts so save your stronghold action for those.
Sample Hand: