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Crane/Crab Top 8 Winter Warfare Athens (64 players)

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Tags: ComboControlTournament Quality
Clan: Crane
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
A liitle about the deck
I think this deck has an answer for everything, an easy way to get the imperial favor and get advantage from that (you just can't lose the favor if you play well), pretty consistent, good flops and the most important thing atm board control.

Cards and choices
Miya Mystic
Yes, it's a bad card, but you need a shugenja for cloud the mind and a way to get rid of the attachments, mostly on your characters. (CTM: you draw it, you play it.
There are SO many characters with good effects, not like the past (before expansions))
Admit defeat
DIdn't use this card simply because it's so well known. Good players are always playing around it, when they play against crane. In conclucion, you let them play around it spending more characters on the defence giving you the opportunity to win the rest of the conflict phase.
Having '5 favorable grounds' it's an easy way to get the favor, keep the guest of honor in every conflict, protect your characters from rout, outwit, harmonize, if you lose a conflict you get your character back ready and it combos with Doji Challenger or you just use it to thin your deck with Imperial Storehouse or to bring back Imperial palace to save your province or to get the favor.

Crab Splash
I think it's the best splash imo, you have 3+3(Scouts and Pathefinder's blade) negations of provinces(Big Advantage), reprieve to protect your 2 cost characters from assasinations or to keep your honored characters on the field for voice of honor.
Sample Hand: