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Dragon / Crab

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Tags: Tournament Quality
Clan: Dragon
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Sample Hand:


    Hi Bijorn, nice deck! just wondering about one thing though, what made you decide to only place 2 Reprieves in your deck list?
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    Hi Bijorn, nice deck! just wondering about one thing though, what made you decide to only place 2 Reprieves in your deck list?


    Hi TogashiK, currently I'm testing the deck to find out which deck card to remove from the deck to add the third Reprieve, but if you have a proposal that I could study, don't hesitate:)

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    message delete

    Hi Bijorn sorry for the late reply, was busy at work.. I suggest removing 1 Daimyo's favor for that 1 Reprieve.. Not a fan of the Daimyo's favor myself but I'm sure even if you like it you would rather prefer drawing the actual attachment you like to use than more of favors..
    I see you have already edited it.. That is before my last post even got approved.. glad to see that you found a way to get those 3 reprieves there.. Anyway, may I ask if you can share your experience with several cards in your deck namely: Jade Masterpiece Tranquility Miya Mystic I also have a deck like this but my attachment lineup is different, I use Seeker of Enlightenment, I oddly don't have Favorable Ground and I'm currently attempting to use 2 Raise the Alarm in it.. I'll be more than happy to share my insights as well, just let me know if you like.. Cheers
    After several games, I don't find that tranquility is really interesting, it always stays in my hand and I can't manage to play it so that it can give me a significant advantage outside the Kitsu Spiritcaller against lion.
    At this moment I stopped building with Crab, and I'm looking at the Lion to see the different match-ups.
    Did they change the rule requiring you to have a province for all 5 rings? I note you ha e two fire provinces and deck builder says possible issue. Trying to make a few decks to show a few people how to play so I want make sure I'm not confusing them.

    Dragon has the role Fire Seeker so I can use two fire provinces.