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Dragon Dance Crane Stance

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Tags: ExperimentalTournament QualityTheme
Clan: Dragon
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Focus on making voltron units. Crane splash allows me to protect my units with from events (above question) and gives me more weapons.
Sample Hand:


    Cloud the mind is a great spell, but I wonder about being able to use it with only six shugenja in the deck. Has it been a problem for you?

    Good deck. I concur with NeoRonin. I would go down to 1x copy, drop both Way of the Dragon, and fill the space with Fans and Katanas. There's a lot to be said for 0-cost attachments when you're trying to reach a threshold.


    Not keen on a lot of your dynasty picks, but these things are often style choices, Enlightened Warrior and Kitsuki Yaruma are a little weak, to my mind.


    3 Favorable Ground would be better than 3 Storehouse, as the former synergise well with the dragon playbook. You're going to have a small board, and being able to draw overcommits with prodigy goes well with moving home.


    Province-wise, while in most decks Meditations > Night Raid, for Dragon Seeker of Fire, the clear trick of choice is to put Restoration in the field, and Night Raid under the stronghold. Ideal situation is that Restoration pares down their hand, then Night Raid finishes the job.

    Oh, and I applaud your alliance choice. I note from your comments though your intention to use Above Question on your swordsmiths. That was a decent play for the previous meta, but I'd be more inclined to use Finger of Jade on the swordsmiths, and save Above Question for the big fighting characters, especially the Champion who tends to be quite soft-control susceptible. If swordsmith or adept is facing assassination as the main problem, finger of jade will provide plenty of deterrent. On the other hand, vs the soft control on your voltrons, you want a repeatable counter, not a one-off.

    Dec 04 2017 05:53 AM

    I am a loyal Phoenix Clan player. I make decks that I think would be improvements to my friends' clans decks, so I don't end up updating my non-phoenix decks that often, but I do agree with what everyone said and had already made the changes. Here is the most recent deck.