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Dragon / Lion

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Tags: Tournament Quality
Clan: Dragon
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Sample Hand:


    Hi again Bij0rn, so this is your Dragon with Lion splash deck.. Oddly I took the other rout and took the Crane splash instead that would concentrate on duels, opting for the Ring of Fire with Seeker of Fire and low bidding.. Just one question on your deck though, what opted you to choose using Entrenched Position in your provinces?
    For several reasons, against fast enough clans like Lion, Unicorn and Crab, I can win a lap if they get me faster.
    It's a little mind-game, my opponent (Crab, Lion or Unicorn) can think that I play Rally to the cause and attack in politics that I could defend, if they are less clever will attack in Military and having 12 defense on the province makes it easier to defend and win a round.
    In the final phase of a major tournament, our opponent knows our list and will attack in politics or will try to keep these military skill enhancement cards in hand to finalize the fight on the last province and may slow down his game.
    In short, it's quite theoretical, and to play it for a few games, I'm quite happy about it.

    how do u like your lion splash. i was toying with crab and thinking about crane. have u had luck with lion. 

    The Crab splash is very well known, I started from the principle that a majority of Dragon splash player for Mirumoto's fury, for that I prefer Lion splash, allowing to have a counter with Ready for Battle, Honored blade not to lose too much honor for Bid a maximum, and Legion of one for combo with Goblin.
    I'm sorry my English isn't very good, and I'm having trouble understanding the second part of your message:"have u had luck with lion."
    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

    I was also thinking in a dragon with lion splash deck, but more focused on attachments. With "Time for war" to play "Stone of sorrows" or even Togashi Kazue" for free. 

    Did you try it?

    You cannot use "Time For War" for Togashi Kazue because in the discard pile and your hand it is a character and not an attachment, and it is only when you play Togashi Kazue (paying the cost) that you can decide to attach it to a character or play it as a character.