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Dragon splicing to political

- - - - -

Tags: Control
Clan: Dragon
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
So this deck is going down 1 enlightened warrior, and down 1 niten master to go up 2 of the kitsuki yamura. The idea around this deck is draw manipulation and control. (yes i'm not running restoration of balance, it has a chance of missing a lot of the time, and removing the 1 fate and +1 province strength is far better imho. However the threat of resto is always prevailant so people play around it regardless because mind games).

sadly, i can't build my "fate manipulation" deck until dragon has achieved the keeper role again, so i figured a bit of draw manipulation would be fun to work with. Looking for a spot to slot in "For shame!" due to having a good amount of courtiers, but i have no idea what i'd cut for it. Feedback is always nice.
Sample Hand: