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Honor from the Dishonored

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Tags: ExperimentalTournament Quality
Clan: Phoenix
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
The deck strategy is to claim the air ring as many times as possible, along with dueling your enemy to force them into hard choices of giving up cards/fate or losing a character.

For more information look below:

All percentages brought to you below are from the following website.

Rulings that have been triple checked below as well.

1, If your enemy declares a blocker and you send that blocker home, He loses a honor at the end of the conflict if he has no blockers present. ( Bowing a blocker is as if that blocker is still at the conflict for in terms of losing honor )

2, The interrupt on Shiba Yojimbo is considered a Forced Interrupt, so this can never be missed. ( Except in tournament play where you move forward without noticing it till after resolutions have already been given and results have been exchanged... " Long story short, Don't miss your own triggers " )

3, Shiba Tsukune, ( Interrupt only triggers at the END of the phase, not the single conflict and ) you can not resolve the ring effects of the same ring twice of the unclaimed rings, " example, So if the air ring and earth ring are unclaimed, You have to claim both air and earth. You do not get to claim air and air or earth and earth "

4, Adept of Waves effect is a Action First, so if you do not take a turn to declare the action then the Covert Effect does not trigger.

Dynasty deck is 40 cards because i want to hit the important cards more often than the few that you could add that would be great in 1 off locations.

Lets start with card draw, In the dynasty deck you have 8 direct cards that allow you to dig into the conflict deck

Naive Student, This card is great due to the fact that for 1 fate you get 2 political strength not including the fact that he draws a card when he dies, he also triggers Courtier for the card For Shame!, ( We have a total of 15 Courtier Triggers for For Shame!. The percentage of you drawing the combo on turn 1 before drawing is 23.1 % and 37.7 % chance of getting a Courtier on turn 1 ) Please remember that is before counting in extra card draw.

Forgotten Library "ALWAYS" ( unless on back foot ) leave one of these holding on the field for yourself. The constant card draw without having to risk honor is so beneficial to your game plan of applying a dishonor victory. If you have 2 on the field, Trigger the ability twice then remove one of them at the end of the turn

Imperial Storehouse ( Just like the forgotten Library Leave it on the field till the end of the turn, Only breaking it if you are forced to look for a card to hold onto the province, If there is no force that is breaking the province do not sacrifice. With that said, If your attacking and you have a high chance of drawing a card to help you finish off the province then sacrificing this holding is perfectly fine. )

( will update the rest when i have more time )
Sample Hand:


    Oct 19 2017 03:01 PM

    Why not run solemn scholar it's a great bow action and the ring can be switched with earth by means of know the world (meddling mediator is dependent on them attacking twice which they don't have to do I rather have the bow action). Also I would run 3 Miya she it the only attachment card in the game that can be used if you are not splashing dragon. 

    In theory dueling them can get you. honor but they could also just discard cards and (crab, lion, and dragon with out military you in my opinion). I dishonor many opponents by just bidding low and dishonoring them. I think 3 admit defeat is too much I would only run 2 at most because its dependent on them defending with one. If they know you are running it (after you play one) they will surely prepare in the future... at least I do. Also what happens when you get dishonored? Many run cards like shameful display or court games for clans like phoenix and crane. I think steward of law is a must if you are running crane influence and it turns your for shames into an automatic bow action. Moreover, I love above question! It stops them from targeting you with dishonor/bow/send home strategies and you can invest people like adept of waves or asako diplomat without fear of assassination (also I'm a fan of voice of honor). Way of the Phoenix does have potential but I can honesty sayI have rarely been in a situation where it would have helped me. Here is the deck I main (I encourage anyone to pick it apart and offer any suggestions): 


    I do not like Solemn scholar because once you have it out you are basically forced to take earth on your first conflict ( if you don't have one of the cards to swap the rings. )  For example lets say i have adept of the waves and Solemn Scholar on the field and no card to swap the rings. I'm forced to choose which of the two is more important to me, To get the effect of Adept or the Effect of Solemn, hoping that Adept can win his conflict without the covert ability. <p>


    Long story short, To much invested in a single card just to get a bow effect IMO. <p>


    When it comes to Meddling Mediator, Yes it does depend on them attacking twice, But i look at it in a different light. If they aren't attacking twice it is buying me time to get to the cards i need to win. <p>


    I agree Miya is strong and i am debaiting putting a third in but as of now the only deck i've ran against constantly that would make me even want a 3rd is dragon. So i'll hold off on that for now. <p>


    As for the dueling, If i force someone into a duel and they know they need a 3 to force the win, I simply just bid 1 gaining the 2 honor or the discard effect, Long story short yes while dueling you wish to normally aim to win those, in this case i'm perfectly fine losing the duel.  <p>


    now for the 3 admit defeat, Yes it is a tad much, and your right most people try to play around the second one. But NEVER ( yet at least ) have played around a third. Which is why i feel it works for me. Its a surprise factor. and sometimes they are forced into only having 1 defender, not only that but having a third increases the chances of drawing it by 12 %. I'll take a 12 % increase. <p>


    So now as for as you go with Steward of law. People are misreading it, It says Characters can not be dishonor'ed. Not just yours but your enemy's too. So because of that i do not like the card, As phoenix we have so many ways to dishonor our enemy weither it be by card effects or by the fire ring. It forces our enemy to choose what is more important to him. <p>