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Honorable Phoenix

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Tags: ComboControlFunTournament QualityTheme
Clan: Phoenix
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
This is a spell heavy deck (22 spells) which focuses on giving me every advantage I can get against scorpion players.
Sample Hand:


    Hello, I was also thinking in a Lion splash. What about adding "A legion of one"?  It could be a good aid in military fights and works well with "Embrace the Void.


    I really like "Guard duty" but I have a question. When the attached character leaves the conflict, it retain de honored status despite stop being a defending character?

    Feb 15 2018 09:34 PM

    I just updated this deck. This deck revolves around giving me the most advantage against scorpion players. It's spell heavy (22 spells) and the only non-sells are essential ones like honor actions, personalities, political debate for removing cards or honor, and ready for battle for anti dishonor (for shame!)/bow. Yes if you honor and then the character goes home by means of a card like favorable ground the character stays honored. Having a repeatable honor action (once per turn obviously) is strong since they are dishonor heavy.