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Imperial Unicorn/Crane Alliance

- - - - -

Tags: ComboControlTheme
Clan: Unicorn
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
The Unicorn will adapt to these strange ways that bind the peoples of Rokugan. The Unicorn always adapt. If war must be made in court it will be. If shame can be as great a weapon as a sword it will be wielded with the same ferocity. If allies are as important as mounts they will be gathered and cultivated with the same care. If victory means earning the favor of the Chrysanthemum Throne, then it shall be done.

The only thing the Unicorn shall never learn, is to be satisfied with defeat.


But poetic theme aside... how does she play?

This deck focuses heavily on controlling multiple aspects of the board to stifle an opponents strategies. It can build up big power swings when it needs to, but save those for important province breaks and defenses while otherwise playing to make your opponent waste cards and resources whenever possible.

It can be highly dependent on investing lots of fate into powerful characters with strong effects, like Moto Juro and Miya Satoshi, so be sure to utilize the suite of protection tools (Policy Debate, Censure, and Finger of Jade) to keep them safe.
Sample Hand: