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Lion Dragon Worlds 2017

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Tags: Tournament QualityOther
Clan: Lion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Conflict Deck Notes:
Dragon splash cards are for attachment control and stopping opponent attacks. Honored Blade helps a tiny bit with keeping the honor count up, especially in Crab and Scorpion matchups, but likely not enough to include as a general matchup card. Stand Your Ground is amazing for keeping Historian, Honored General or Gunso around an extra turn, but likely not worthwhile in the deck in the current Core Only meta - might get more useful after the first six expansion packs are out. I know a lot of Lion players, including the World Champion Shogun, like For Shame in their decks, however I haven't found it to be super useful. So I doubt it finds its way into my future Lion decks.

I was on Vengeful Oathkeeper and Spies At Court before Worlds, but didn't have enough time to playtest with them so I took them out. Seems regretful now. I think I would have done much better with them in the deck and not run Honored Blade and Stand Your Ground. I was also on Strength In Numbers before Worlds and is also a card I wish I had followed my own experiences and included it instead of cutting it. There was one card that played out well for a lot of Lion players at Worlds that I was not on before Worlds that I wish I had more time to find and play with: Good Omen. Good Omen is a really good card for Lion in the current Core Only meta - we generally bid lower than our opponents for card draw so Good Omen is almost always on. And then Good Omen helps keep our best dynasty cards in play an extra turn.

Dynasty Deck Notes:
Otomo Courtier wasn't all that useful, and given the switch of the Lion role to Keeper of Fire it is even less useful now. I am replacing Otomo Courtier with Keeper Initiate now. Overall the dynasty deck works really really well and there is almost nothing I would change about, outside of the noted change above and possibly looking for a way to include one copy of Ikoma Eiji.

Overall Notes:
The deck plays remarkably like a lot of other Lion decks seen at Worlds with a few minor differences. But those minor differences can have a huge impact.

Be aggressive in turning over your dynasty cards and use Staging Ground liberally. Look for ways to Charge in or Spiritcaller in your big hitters. FGG will save you many times over when you carry a huge board over turn after turn - you can't hold back the Lion tsunami once its rolling with FGG. If you are in a tight honor game don't worry if Obstinate Recruit gets turned off, it's not that big a deal.

And lastly, you want to go first most of the time and always mulligan hard for LPB so you can play LPB turn one. The advantage going first and getting LPB on the first turn gives you is huge. The only time you don't want to go first is against Dragon because you want to deny them as much extra fate and honor as you can to slow their card draw and attachment plays. Other than that, go first, attack first and be aggressive as Lion.
Sample Hand: