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Lion honor switch

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Tags: Tournament Quality
Clan: Lion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
First turn bid depends on your estimate: 1 is safest, but if you are pretty sure they are bidding 5 then 2 or 3 may be advantageous to avoid them getting too far ahead turn 1. Almost always bid 1 after that, unless you are switching to break the last province or two.
Sample Hand:


    Dragon splash is certainly the most versatile, but I've been waffling between Phoenix and Crab for a full-on honor rush.  Kimono is basically 1 honor for a card, with the occasionally useful side benefit of +1 Pol.  It can also be used to fuel Stand Your Ground and rehonor AGAIN the next turn to keep the honor gain.  Display of Power can be nice for Air, Fire, or Earth (honestly, any ring).  On the other hand, I've been thinking of skipping Stand Your Ground (as you have), and instead going with Levy from Crab.  Minor effect, but 1 easy honor doesn't hurt, and if they give you a Fate even better.  Stoic Gunso can be used to accelerate honor gain from Honored characters and to recycle Spiritcaller targets while still getting a nice buff.


    Just a couple thoughts.  Let Go / Fury does seem to lead to the best balanced decks, since it's hard to go all-in on honor gain with Scorpion out there.


    Oh, also, I really don't like Strength in Numbers.  Feels like a weaker Rout.


    Also, also...  Seeker of Knowledge is an offbeat choice, but could also be interesting in a Phoenix splash...

    Phoenix and Crane both make sense as splashes for switch. I'm not sure which is best, but Dragon is likely to be the most stable because of the ability to save provinces. 


    Strength in numbers is for the air attack that puts you over the top. It's not essential, but I think it's good. 


    For Greater Glory, Stand your Ground, and Banzai are the cards on the bubble that could easily go in to replace MOTS, Guidance, and some combination of Strength in Numbers and Rout. But I think it is most important in switch to have strong impact cards to win conflicts.