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Lion Weenie the Pooh v.2.0

- - - - -

Tags: Aggro
Clan: Lion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Put in play the largest number of characters you can to exceed in number the opponent and only place fate in the indispensable. Supported by staging ground, which you will want to have from the beginning. Then you have Kitsu Spiritcaller and Charge! to recover General, Brawler, Deathseeker and Miya. Also you can scout in politic fist than military conflict with deathseeker an do its effect, for example.
General + Spiritcaller/charge + stand your ground it's so good...
Miya + Spiritcaller... you don't need dragon cards.
Adding finaly spyglass removing 1 Ornate fun and the only "Ready for Battle" (There are very few cards that have the direct effect of bowing) and Sorehouse instead 1 Matsu Beiona and 1 Deathseeker
I think that Staging Ground goes well with Storehouse. Whwn you faceup storehouse, you draw and then you put the following card faceup too with staging.
Sample Hand: