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Lion/Crab Honor Pressure Deck

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Tags: Experimental
Clan: Lion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Bid low in the draw phase, use your political conflicts to scout or draw out opposition, then crush your enemy with military. Akodo Gunso and Staging Ground help you get as much as possible out of Dynasty because you won't be drawing heavily from Conflict. The Crab alliance is important because Watch Commander helps limit the value of your opponent's increased relative card draw, and Levy adds additional honor pressure. Keeper of Earth is mostly there to make this match picked roles, but it helps even out card pressure out as well by discouraging your opponent from attacking with Earth, and rewarding you with Keeper Initiates should you do so.

Possible changes to be tested include:

--Pilgrimage being cut for Shameful Display. I like the latter a lot, but with Art of War and Shameful, your province strength is dangerously low, and I think Art of War is definitively this deck's best water province option. Rally to the Cause can be a stronger shift, but is less reliable in my (admittedly still limited) experience.
--Removing Levy, and using the extra influence for third Watch Commander. I'd rather go 3/0 of Watch Commander/Levy and add a native card than 3/1 between them, because I think Levy is best when it can be somewhat consistent. I could also see 2x Hiruma Scout with 3x Watch Commander to get full influence use.
--Adding a couple more Holdings. Maybe 1 more Staging Ground, although definitely not a full 3x, and possible 1-2 Imperial Storehouse, but probably not both of those changes. Not sure what I'd cut for them, though. Both fill the role of helping draw additional strength from your Dynasty deck, which does not need to be bid over.
Sample Hand: