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Mad Crabs and Courtiers

- - - - -

Tags: AggroExperimental
Clan: Crab
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Simple WYSIWYG deck - Berserkers for military/Courtiers for Political - little crossover (Hiruma Yojimbo and Yasuki Broker)


Tainted Hero is tricky, but has some options for getting in a conflict: 1- His ability which calls for a friendly character to be sacrificed - (I think can be combo with Reprieve to keep sacrificed character in play) but definitely can be used in combo with Vengeful Berserker's reaction; 2- Moving it in with Crisis Breaker/Raise the Alarm/Favorable Ground.

Crisis Breaker: Really good card.

Hida Amoro: Can be a problem if he shows up early b/c of forced reaction.

Vengeful Berserker: Don't forget to use his reaction.


3 can come in quickly (Shrewd Yasuki/Otomo Courtier/Political Rival). Shrewd Yasuki helps add cards and Political Rival can stand alone as a defender in political conflict.

Yasuki Broker: (most expensive card in deck) She's there to build up fate and cards.

Otomo Courtier: May only be able to attack early rounds (1st definitely/2nd maybe) since Imperial Favor can't be with opponent.


Marauding Oni: Attach Seal of the Crab which gives him "Berserker", then he can be moved into a conflict with Crisis Breaker without the honor loss.

Hiruma Yojimbo: At 4/3 she is a solid military/political defender and only a cost of 2.

Eager Scout: Sacrifice, scarifice, sacrifice.


Reprieve: Try to reserve for higher cost characters or a character with a needed attachment: Yasuki Broker cost = 4; each berserker and Political Rival cost = 3; all else is = or >2

Seal of the Crab: Gets 3 more berserkers that can be readied and moved into conflict with Crisis Breaker. Try to attach to: Maurauding Oni to prevent honor loss (see above) or find other way to control your honor such as low honor dial bids when Oni's in your hand; any character without a dash (-) in either skill so Wicked Tetsubo can be more of a threat.

Wicked Tetsubo: Try to attach to a character who can do both military/diplomatic conflicts. Try to keep the character with this weapon in play with Reprieve if possible. 2 reasons - it has a cost of 2, and it is a powerful weapon.

Height of Fashion/Ornate Fan: Who doesn't like a well dressed courtier?


Specialized Defenses: Eliminated! Not sure how often this card will come into play. It seems more of a chance thing before a province is revealed. A savvy player attacking a revealed province will not declare an element that matches it or a ring claimed by opponent. And... he may not care if he's coming at you en masse. Hypothetically, this card is best if you have 3 copies of it in your hand and Ancestral Lands or Entrenched Position turns up while you have Earth Ring or opponent declares Earth. You can use all 3 copies to potentially get the province's strength to 80. (What are the odds?) I may change out this event.

Levy: Gets fate or honor

The Mountain Does Not Fall: Inexpensive way to re-employ if needed.

Raise the Alarm: Possible free character. I may change out this event.

Rebuild: Eliminated.

Spreading the Darkness: Spend 0 fate - lose 2 honor - get +4 military AND a degree of untargetability... where do I sign up?

Court Games: To lower opponents diplomacy strenth.

Sabotage: I like this card the more I read it. It just has to be a military conflict (non specific attacking/defending) and my opponent loses a card. I will probably go 3x instead of 2x.

Breach of Etiquette: Eliminated b/c diplomatic conflicts in this deck are really only courtiers. Added 3x Good Omen for now.

For Shame!: Went from 2x to 3x since 1/2 of conflicts will be courtiers.


Went from 10 to 9. Eliminated Borderlands Fortifications.


I think they are good and see no reason to change them. Will review after other changes are made.
Sample Hand: