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Tags: Experimental
Clan: Scorpion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
I was wanting a new Scorpion deck, and I didn't want Dragon, and have already done Phoenix.

I found https://fiveringsdb.com/decks/fa9d4e1e-05a1-11e8-85df-8e1ccf16fca4/view, and it inspired me to have the deck you see now.

The curve of the deck is extremely low, so between only buying 1 or 2 dynasty per turn, as well as conflict characters and passing early, the fate pool builds up well.

I settled on Lion as A Legion of One allows a cheap character to wreck a province, as if they think they won't do anything and don't bother to defend, getting +6 takes out almost any province, even when they have a holding. Ready for Battle also helps negate Mirumoto's Fury, but I found it also worked well to choose to bow from For Shame, and then ready again.

Goblin Sneak combines with A Legion of One really well, as using the fate you stole from them to give him that extra +3 to get him to +7 is beastly! Plus, the - for political means no Policy Debate being used on you!

As Scorpion is still a popular faction right now, I only went for 2x Way of the Scorpion to reduce the chance of it being a dead card, though there is usual some form of neutral to use it on.

As Phoenix might get more popular due to their clan pack, plus their spells being splashed in other factions, I have a single copy of Yogo Kikuyo. If she isn't needed for her ability, it gives me a conflict Shugenja if I need a surprise Cloud the Mind.

The majority of the deck are your typical Scorpion picks, and so there is no need for me to explain why each and everything was done, but if there is anything I haven't explained you would like to query, I will happily answer.
Sample Hand:


    What's the Stronghold province, please?

    Sorry for delay in replying!


    I generally put Pilgrimage under my stronghold, so that if they get that far, either they are winning the game, or not triggering the ring. Plus 5 strength isn't something to shy away from.


    I have also since tweaked the deck to replace 2x Adept of Shadows with Unassuming Yojimbo, and this was before the new restricted list (which I dodged with only Forged Edict), and makes me wonder if Ready for Battle will get less mileage now...