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Playoteket Malmö 16p winner

- - - - -

Tags: AggroTournament Quality
Clan: Lion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Attachment light, Event heavy Lion deck splashing Dragon for Fury, Let Go and Covert-on-a-stick. Prevalence of Scorpion and Dragon attachment hate the reasoning for going Event heavy.
1st match vs Crab (Unicorn splash) - Flop forced first round Toturi (after a Steadfast to safe guard against the sacrifice). A good first round (double Earth) and a Good Omen meant an extra Fate on Toturi and the snowball was on. The Crab got low on honour and never recovered, ending the game with an assassination at 1 family honour.
2nd match vs Crane (Phoenix? splash) - Guest of honour almost won the match for the Crane, but in the end the tide turned and a beleaguered Crane did a honourable concession at time. Best part of the match was when Hotaru (fateless) Noble sacrificed Toturi (2 fate).
3rd match vs Scorpion (Phoenix Splash) - A tight game that went to time. Two play mistakes (one each) meant the swing of family honour last turn first from Lion to Scorpion and then back. Lion had the better board state at the end of round but the next turn might have gone either way. I won the tie breaker...
4th match vs Scorpion (Crab splash) - The only undefeated players after 3 rounds and the game was very close. Much dishonouring and much Court mask shenanigans ensued. Scorpion had the board advantage most game, but bled honour and, eventually, cards. Time was called and the Scorpion was forced to break a province while retaining the Imperial favour to win. A well timed rout saved the province and sealed the match. I’d like to think I had the board state to win next turn, but without rabbit chasing the flops I can’t say for sure.

I think going Event heavy was the correct call, if nothing else against the Scorpion decks. Had I been able to change anything in retrospect I would have exchanged the Wanderers for full play sets of Fury and Let Go, other than that I am happy with it.
Sample Hand: