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Scorpion Dishonor

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Tags: Casual
Clan: Scorpion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Sample Hand:


    Couple of questions for you about your deck.


    Whilst both decks can be from 40-45, is there a reason you haven't tried to keep them both at 40 so you are more likely see the cards you need? As you're going for a dishonour victory, I am guessing you aren't intending to open with a bid of 5 (or most turns even), and so are unlikely to deck yourself out and lose 5 honour.


    Related to the above, if you will be bidding low so either bid high and lose honour or bid low and choke their hand, will you only bid high the turn after you draw I Can Swim? As otherwise you might not be able to be able to play it.


    Also, by dishonouring them, do you worry that Yogo Outcast will only ever be a 2/2?


    What is it about the Water provinces where you wanted both of those the most, and for Fire to be your dropped ring? I ask as Water is what I have been dropping when I use Seeker, so curious what I could be missing out on.


    Are you concerned about having no method of dealing with attachments? No Miya Mystic or Calling in Favors means anything that is problematic for you cannot be dealt with until the character attached to leaves play.

    I got the Dynasty deck down to 40 now. I took out the Outcast due to finding I wasn't reliably triggering it.


    I swapped to seeker of air, and dropped water. I liked the idea of ring shenanigans, but that may be a trick for another clan.


    I swapped out Charge! for Calling in Favors.


    As for bidding, I try to go big on the first turn and then try to keep pace with the opponent, and, like you said, go big when you have a good I Can Swim target available.