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Scorpion Dishonour

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Tags: Control
Clan: Scorpion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Try to whittle away your opponent's hand with Spies at court and earth ring to help put upwards pressure on their honor bids. Dishonor as many of your opponent's personalities, prioritizing the ones who will leave at the end of the current round.

To help with the dishonor, Air and Fire rings are the best to go for. That being said, don't be afraid to claim other rings especially for the fate as that can provide a boost to help developing your board state in the next round.

Blackmail artist is my favorite card for leading a political conflict. I will tend to place a fate on him when I bring him into play. Consider the opponents dilemma, sacrifice 3 honor to assassinate him or let him participate in 1 or 2 conflicts to cause dishonor. In fact, this is often why I like spending a fate on 1 or 2 cost characters as it invites them to play assassinate.

Honor bidding: I find this to be tricky as most of my opponents usually only bid at most between 1-3 first turn vs Scorpion. For this, I tend to go higher first turn in order to gather a better conflict hand. If they bid low they might need to go higher in subsequent turns to replenish their hand allowing you to go lower to dishonor them.

I tend to use the mulligan to dig for Watch Commander and either Shoju or one or Hiroue first turn.

Sometimes you have to switch to trying to win by breaking provinces. The advantage to this Scorpion deck is that if you were able to keep up the dishonor pressure, hopefully their hand advantage has been lowered significantly to make breaking easier. If you fail to exert pressure with dishonor and badly loose the hand advantage, you will have a mountain to climb to try to recover the game.

v2 Notes: Watch Commander is back in. The choice it forces the opponent to make is always in your favor (either loose honor to play cards to win the battle, or decide if the battle can be won with only the stats and abilities on their board.) I can swim is out, the card is just very tricky to pull off, especially since we are trying to keep low bids in order to put dishonor pressure on our opponent.
Sample Hand:


    have you proved Night Raid instead Meditation of tao?

    This is something I haven't figured out which is best.  I swapped out Night Raid for Meditations of the Tao in this deck.  My thinking is, if I successfully prevent a break when the province is revealed, then I want to always make it 'difficult' to attack there again the next turn. 


    Because Night Raid only gets used once, I feel like it is less useful than Meditations on the Tao.  I'd like to find a way to put Night Raid under the stronghold and not loose the game.  My thinking is that attacks against the stronghold tend to have high numbers, forcing a big discard from the opponent.  However, without an earth province in the stronghold, I'm not sure how survivable the attack would be.


    I like night raid more when I'm splashing Phoenix and using Display of Power.  It can create a very powerful counter attack - they must discard from Night Raid, I get to activate the ring effect, and since I declared no defenders I have a powerful counter attack ready.