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Scorpion Ninja

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Tags: Tournament Quality
Clan: Scorpion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Do not be afraid to pass with personalities still in provinces. You want to gradually develop a dominant board position by using your fate more efficiently and gaining more fate than the opponent. Generally bid high early, but consider carefully if and when to begin bidding low. If many provinces are breaking, high bids are better, but if defenses are successful, dishonor is probably the easier win. The deck can very easily be run identically with a different splash:

Dragon: 3x mirumoto's fury, 1x let go, 1x tattooed wanderer, +1 fiery madness

Lion: 3x Ready for Battle, 3x Vengeful Oathkeeper

Use your mulligan and opening draw to dig for a conflict character (ideally Adept of Shadows) and a forged edicts. Try to make sure you always have a courtier character for your forged edicts, because none of your conflict characters are courtiers.

Ring choice is situational, but early on you generally want to develop board position, so void, fire and water are preferred, with Earth being close behind.
Sample Hand:


    I like your deck and I think is quite similar to my own deck: Scorpion Reactive v.3.0 that just submit.


    From my experience, Mirumoto's fury is wonderful in this deck