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Scorpion/Dragon 1st place , 40 man @ 2nd Athens Launch Event

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Tags: Tournament Quality
Clan: Scorpion
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Sample Hand:


    Did you feel that this deck was close to time most of the time? What strategies did you use to pilot it? Was your meta a seasoned one or was this primarily newer players?

    Time is a problem vs Crane players unfortunately. But goes fast enough vs all other decks.


    The plan is to win fights without overcommiting for breaks, save resources while you deny opponent cards. Bidding 5 at turn one then switching to 1 or 2 bids from there on , try to trigger Spies at Court with every opportunity early on.

    You ll win with dishonor but air ring isnt your priority until you are at a winning point, knowing your opponent key cards and saving the answer for that card is really important. ex. Cloud the mind, save it for key characters dont waste it even if it wins you a fight (Witchhunter, Guest of Honor etc).

    Dont be trigger happy with assassinate , or let go, use them with care and for high value plays, same goes for i can swim.

    Abuse Shoju as much as possible, to get rid of good characters (with the help of DH,Poison or Sinister Soshi)


    Tattooed wandered is a really great card, usually as an attachment - covert + water ring, can negate most of enemy characters. Hiroue is mostly used to harpoon and bow chars into fights that you plan to lose. (military conflicts with him are actually more valuable than his 4 political skill)


    Spend fate on characters to have a healthy board, and focus on keeping opponent's board thin. Dont be afraid to pass some conflicts if that means that you ll save key provinces like Secret Cache or Meditation of Tao.


    The meta here in Greece is evolving everyday, and the community consists of highly skilled players, 5 out of the 7 players i met are usually in a top cut on each event, and with remarkable careers in previous LCG/TCG they played.

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