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Shinjo Stampede

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Tags: Aggro
Clan: Unicorn
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
This deck is high military aggro. You want to go first if you can. Keep going first with Way of the Unicorn, especially if you are going to attack their stronghold the following turn. Attack whenever possible. Stock your dynasty discard pile in the 1st or 2nd turn so it is primed for the play of Cavalry Reserves later in the game.

Use Spyglass whenever possible, abuse it with Giver of Gifts and Ide Trader. Pilgrimage over Shamefur Dispray because SD doesn't do much for this deck and Pilgrimage will provide some ring effect defense against counterattack. Both Born In War and Cavalry Reserves make Fallen In Battle useful card in this deck as a nasty surprise. And use Iuchi Wayfinder to pick your way through the provinces to avoid pitfalls you'd rather not get hammered by while attacking.

Putting Entrenched Position on your stronghold and then saving a copy of Captive Audience for that fight can win you games. As can the combo of Cavalry Reserves and For Greater Glory. Be careful with your fate as this deck can be on the more expensive end of the fate cost spectrum.

If you don't like Fallen In Battle, you can always take it out for more copies of Iuchi Wayfinder, Fine Katana, Ornate Fan or Spyglass.

Splash cards to consider:
Honored Blade (useful against Scorpion)
Strength In Numbers (useful against Crab)
Sample Hand:


    With several character with 2 or 3 glory don't you think abaout including Court Games? You can honor and gain this bonus or avoid to be deshonored.

    This looks pretty solid. What has your experience with breakthrough been? I have been taking a break using that card cause it just wasn't doing enough for me.