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Storm Control (Air + Water Focus)

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Tags: ControlExperimental
Clan: Phoenix
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
Play defensively and bid one each round to slowly choke out your opponent. Designed to put intense pressure on the opponent from turn one. Compensates for low bidding with libraries, scholars, and spyglass. Favored mounts add additional utility for triggers. Clearly favors a long game, but have had success with every win condition (stronghold break, dishonor, and even honor). Fearsome Mystic is a wild card and I've found that many people don't know how to respond when they see it, so I've enjoyed using it for the "I'm not sure what to think" factor.

One of my favorite decks to play right now. Just be aware that you have no ways to deal with your opponent's attachments once they're on the board.
Sample Hand: