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Swift Cavalry

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Tags: Experimental
Clan: Unicorn
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
This is purely theoretical right now:

The deck doesn't get fancy with its provinces, relying on basic actions and some level of punishment against your opponent. Meditation and Endless Plains are basic board control. Public Forum looks to have potential, allowing you to leave it undefended once at no cost, which in turn frees up attackers. I like Tears under the Stronghold - it's a decent base strength, and likely to give you a good pile of fate to use to swing things back in your favor. Fertile Fields could be switch out for Manicured Garden, depending on what we need more of - right now, I like it because it could be the draw that gets me a Charge or Cavalry Reserves.

Our only holdings are 3x Favorable Ground, providing conflict manipulation both ways. The 1- and 2- cost guys are meant to hit and run (or defend and run, with Seppun and Otomo). I don't see the need to put fate on them. Have them come in, do their job, and hit your discard for future use with Cavalry Reserves.

3-cost and up, I like the two fate rule: Put two fate on them, or none at all, to avoid losing them to Void Rings. That said, we're Keepers of Void - so if you think you can win the defense, one fate on one of these guys can be good bait to swing fate and a ring into your pool. Alternatively, being Keeper might mean you can get away with one fate on these guys more often.

The staples are here, as well as the key to the deck: Charge and Cavalry reserves. The idea here is to get these played alongside a Swift Magistrate - she brings extra value to those cards when they bring in characters with no fate against an opponent who's opted for staying power.

Shuffle Spyglasses around using Giver of Gifts, or Mount if you have room. Saddle moves on its own. Play around with these and your Trader in conflicts, to maximize card draw without honor loss. Remember, the Spyglass is flat worth more when you're bidding lower, and even more when your opponent is bidding low. So do so.

Use the Ambusher and Wayfinder to pick your fights, and Mountain to stall while you prep your combo.

Potential Changes:
Fertile Fields might go for Manicured Garden, depending on how effective the card draw engine is in practice.

I'm not super sold on Yumino, if only because I don't know that I'll have the cards to discard for her. If I don't, I might pull her for one more Seppun and one more Otomo to help the fate curve.

Sample Hand: