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Unicorn Sub Crab

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Tags: Tournament Quality
Clan: Unicorn
Conflict Cards:
Dynasty Cards:
Influence: /
The overall strategy is to commit as little as possible. Always attack with Moto Juro or 1 guy with Favorable ground available. If they overcommit, pull your attacker out. If you feel you can take it rush in the reinforcements.

The deck plays a slight honor game, so once you have a spyglass running. Draw 1 and drain their honor. If your hand feels strong as is. Bid 1. With watch commander and multiple yurts you can get a dishonor or honor win.

Play as little defense as possible. Put your talisman and watch commander before your attacks to get the boosts. Then bring your bowed guys as defenders to stop the honor bleed and prevent breaking.

For provinces, I put Night raid under my stronghold for this reason. So usually players will draw light all game to avoid being dishonored. On their last bid they will draw heavy to get tools to break. When they attack with all and flip night raid it puts them in a place with low cards and honor.
The endless plains is great if they run into it early removing the attacker and returning the ring to the pool (Born in War).
The chrys throne is great as a redirect target for talisman if you are making a honor run.
Shameful also great for talisman to honor your bowed defender and dishonor the opponent
Public Forum is a speed bump when it comes to closing out the game and tournament points counting broken provinces. Also redirect with talisman when they are at the Stronghold forcing them to break 6 provinces.

Free to hear any feedback :) I'm trying to squeeze way of the unicorn in here so bad
Sample Hand:


    Alright, so i'm loving the deck. I put it together and played with it a bunch of times, and these are the things that i found i prefer. (Not to say that it is explicitly better, just a preference)

    Okay so, in regards to the Dynasty deck, Its effective and plays the way you would want any unicorn deck to play. However, i find that Altansarnai is the most lack-luster piece of garbage in the unicorn plethora, so i tried a few things in this slot. I tried Giver of Gifts and it under-performed, sadly, i had high hopes. So then I tried a bunch of other things, Aggressive Moto, Ide Tadaji, Swift Magistrate, but ultimately I decided that the card i best liked in that slot was actually Meishodo Wielder. Now, hear me out, the card performs much that same as shinjo scout as long as you are going first and it has a better political stat. Plus with the two of them, jeez, its fun. The only real downside is that the card doesn't have Calvary stamped on it.

    Which moves me right into the conflict deck, so even before the wielder i wanted to move some stuff around, mainly the influence choices. I really wanted to make room for reprieve, so what i ended up doing was

    +3 Reprieve

    -1 Watch Command

    -1 Born in War

    -1 Rout

    Then when I added the Wielder, i had to fit in Way of the Unicorn. So in order to do that i decided to cut rout completely. I found that the card is almost always lack-luster and only makes an actual difference when you are already ahead on province destruction. I also cut down 1 Calvary Reserves, this card is bonkers, and i'm actually still not sure if i want 3 of these or 3 Way of the Unicorn. Currently it is as stated

    +3 Way of the Unicorn

    -2 Rout

    -1 Calvary Reserves


    EDIT: Decided Way of the unicorn and Meishodo just are not worth it, they worked great half the time and terribly the other half and when it works feels great but when it doesnt feels like you made yourself lose. Put the Routs back in and am trying Child of the plains