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Expert Interpreter

Expert Interpreter

Expert Interpreter

Type: Character
Cost: 1
Military Skill: 0
Political Skill: 2
Glory: 1
Clan: Phoenix
Courtier. Scholar.
Reaction: After the conflict phase begins, choose a ring. Each opponent may give you 1 honor and choose a ring – during each conflict in which one of the chosen rings is contested, characters cannot enter play.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 45
Illustrator: Joyce Maureira
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


This is a little awkward like most phoenix cards because your opponent still gets to choose which ring they want to contest. On the bright side, this does stop all effects that put a character in play. There are also a couple of cards that need specific rings to function, or that you can negate entirely if you set it up. Some examples:

  • Yogo Kikuyo can't enter play and stop your spells.
  • Feral Ningyo has to stay in hand.
  • Keeper initiates can't enter play!
  • Appealing to the fortunes doesn't get its reaction.

If you're willing to use your restricted slot for Kuroi Mori, you can stop all the charge and cavalry reserve-esques cards there too. 


Beyond this utility, you are still getting okay stats for a 1 cost courtier, and the scholar part is thrown in as an extra. I like cards like this, because it modifies the value of a certain ring with its ability.

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