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Above Question

Above Question

Above Question

Type: Attachment
Cost: 1
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Crane
Attached character cannot be chosen as a target of an opponent’s event.
“Excuse me, samurai-san, but you must be mistaken! It could not possibly have been her.”
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 141
Illustrator: Stu Barnes
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


From the article - http://www.cardgamed...iew-crane-r2103


Kingsley - 2/5
Why would you play an expensive attachment (yes, one is expensive for an attachment in this environment) that doesn't provide any stats at all and has only a mildly useful ability? Attachment control is so prevalent that cards like this really don't do the job - not only is this an overinvestment for its effect, it's not even reliable. At zero cost I probably still wouldn't play this, at one I think it's quite bad.
I Fight Dragons – 3/5
This attachment does a lot of work in certain match-ups. Stopping harmful events like For Shame, Rout, Outwit, Way of the Scorpion, and Mirumoto’s Fury is well worth the cost considering how common those cards are across many decks. That said, 1 feels like a fair price and there’s enough attachment hate floating around that this isn’t always a surefire answer to those events.
nyxnyxnyx - 2/5
If a character ever came out that was worth Voltroning this might be a key piece of the deck, but until then the sheer inefficiency that comes with playing a 1 fate card that doesn’t immediately provide any advantage makes this a poor card.
Grendel - 2/5
If you are unfamiliar with the game you might think this says immune to an opponent’s events. It unfortunately doesn’t come close to that.
Benjoewoo – 3/5
This is a meta card for decks that don’t exist yet but likely will. When they come out, this would probably be a 4/5, e.g. attachment-less control decks.

Not so good in Crane for now, but it's awesome for splashing. Is wonderful with Niten Master in Dragon decks.

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