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Type: Event
Cost: 0
Clan: Neutral
Action: During a conflict, lose 3 honor. Choose a character with printed cost 2 or lower – discard that character. (Max 1 per round.)
Deck: Conflict
Number: 203
Illustrator: Greg Lambrakis
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...-review-n-r2091


Benjoewoo – 5/5
This is the only neutral character removal card and it costs 0 fate, although it has a honor loss cost. Even so, the ability to remove a character has only a minor restriction in most game states means this will be auto-include in a core set only environment, and likely one of the later cards to be phased out of decks in future sets.

nyxnyxnyx - 5/5
Amazing no-fuss neutral character kill option. Niten Adept with attachments / fate get you down? Assassinated. Scorpion in particular will likely appreciate the loss of honor to activate their stronghold more consistently. Note that the loss of honor is a cost, so getting hit by a cancel effect is painful.

Grendel - 5/5
Perhaps the only true meta warping card in the core set. The only time I see not this being a 3x is if honor becomes a cost for more powerful effects.

Kingsley - 5/5
This is a game-defining card, both in terms of how you play and interact with low cost guys and how you look at honor totals. The fear of this card will likely shape the low-cost meta for some time to come, and I see it as basically a 3x autoinclude unless honor becomes much more of a resource - and even in games where dishonor seems likely, this effect is so strong that you'll often still want to play it.

Two cycles in, and it is time to talk about Assassination.


Dishonor has become more prevalent as a powerful strategy, so we need to re-investigate whether you would run it 3 times as mentioned in the reviews above.The other thing that has happened is that there are more 1 cost characters that are eminently playable, and there are new ways to spend honor with Unleash the Djinn and Spreading the Darkness.


There is a limit of how much honor you can spend using this, and whether you want to throw this on a 1 cost character with no fate. I think most decks can still run 1 of these, since they want this in some occasions, but they will never want a second copy. Crane, crab and scorpion easily want a second or third copy depending on their gameplan.


Solid card for any deck that wants to trade honor for the opponent's fate. This is the main reason why you should be wary to invest too much on a 2 cost character in the early game.

Since the first cycle people stopped playing Assassination 3 times and some decks don't even run the card anymore. With insane cards like Hurricane Punch it is really hard to find room for Assassination.

Sure, definitely depends on the deck and the clan. I find that the decks where I cut below 2 copies of Assassination invariably become less efficient, however.

Called it!