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Bayushi Liar

Bayushi Liar

Bayushi Liar

Type: Character
Cost: 1
Military Skill: –
Political Skill: 3
Glory: 0
Clan: Scorpion
Sincerity. (When this character leaves play, draw 1 card.)
“I sincerely doubt that asking you to trust me will change your mind, and yet, I ask anyway.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 95
Illustrator: Diego Gisbert Llorens
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I'm a Unicorn player.


I look at this card, and I look at Agressive Moto, and I have to wonder what the design team was thinking.  Shouldn't the fate costs of these two cards be switched?

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Contender for best 1 cost character in the game. This is likely one of the last cards to leave the scorpion dynasty deck. It provides value and is good at political conflicts. The dash on the card makes it immune to dueling. The two similar cards, Doji Whisperer and Naive student can only dream of the heights that this card finds itself at. And those two cards are both also excellent cards within their factions.

Given the synergies within Scorpion I personally think that this card is the best 1 drop. Naive Student is situational better though, because 2 glory on a 1 cost character that can also draw a card is pretty nutty.

The best 1-drop! No disputing this card's quality, but I think that makes for an interesting conversation.


Personally I'd say that the following are marginally stronger:


Ethereal Dreamer, for being 3/3 for 1, with an equally useful trait.

Hiruma Skirmisher, for creating untelegraphed covert, and being in a position to attack on its own then be followed by a Charge.

Kaiu Envoy for being such an efficient combo-piece for so many Crab sacrifice effects.

Meek Informant because information is power.

Iuchi Wayfinder, because information is power, and because it lets decks play Cloud the Mind.

Where's Lion's equivalent of Bayushi Liar? This is way too good as a 1 drop.