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Born in War

Born in War

Born in War

Type: Attachment
Cost: 2
Bonus Military Skill: +X
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Unicorn
Cavalry character only.
X is equal to the number of unclaimed rings.
Influence: 1
Deck: Conflict
Number: 194
Illustrator: Kevin Zamir Goeke
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Dec 08 2017 07:41 PM
Expensive but a nice one off for as soon as you suss your opponent isn't running dragon.

As an attachment it can't be cancelled, and it tends to give a massive bonus. Turns anyone into a province breaker becasue the bonus is almost always 4 or 5.

Even the Scorps cant steal it because their character probably isn't Cavalry! So they just wind up with this in the bin and their dude dishonored.


3 or 4 as below and yep as i mention above its a 1 off that you have to check to see no let goes are coming as i mention. the trade with scorp is more palletable as the scorp wont get to control the attachment and will have spent a fate and gotten dishonoured.

I think you need to Let Go of the idea that your attachments can't be dealt with. Also, I'd point out that even in the absence of cavalry, a Scorpion call Call in Favors to discard it. Likewise, you might find yourself at a loss when it is sold in the Karada District.


Still, stay attached to your expensive attachments, and we'll see what happens, eh? :)

More importantly, the bonus is never 5, except before the first conflict starts. Once you declare a conflict, one of the rings goes from unclaimed to contested, so this is at best a +4 bonus for 1 card and 2 fate. Which isn't horrible other than the fact that it's vulnerable to attachment removal, but it's not amazing either. It's not restricted, so that's something...

Yep, put it alongside jade tetsubo and kamayari, which give a consistent +3 and a strong ability, or even next to Height of Fashion, which may be telegraphed, but at least ALWAYS gives the +4. This card will give you +4 if you open Military as first player and +3 if you open Military as second player (assuming an opponent has no interest in opening military themselves unless they are in a position to deal with this). All in all, this is pretty weak for cost.


Worth noting that the other attachments mentioned above probably aren't worth it either... Jade Tetsubo worth it more than the others as its a nice surprise when an opponent attacks with a high value character with a lot of fate on it, but even then probably not more than 1 copy.

Karada District and Calling in Favours can't steal the attachment (is Cavalry only), they discard it, so isn't that bad. In addition, your opponent probably target Spyglass....

Right, I was responding to the assertion that gamblingworld made "that the Scorps can't discard it because their character isn't cavalry."


Which he has now edited out. I could go and edit my response, of course, but that'd be discourteous to the folk who posted after me, and in response to my words.

Dec 11 2017 07:32 PM
to be clear friend it always said you needed to watch out for dragon and it always said the scorps cant 'steal' it. my edit is below the line where i wrote EDIT