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Cautious Scout

Cautious Scout

Cautious Scout

Type: Character
Cost: 2
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 0
Glory: 1
Clan: Crane
Bushi. Scout.
While this character is attacking alone, treat the defending province as if its printed text box were blank (except for Traits).
They told him to be careful, but there was only one way to know for sure.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 43
Illustrator: Sergio Camarena
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From the article - http://www.cardgamed...iew-crane-r2103


Kingsley - 2/5
This card does something that nobody else does, which is very cool - but the ability comes on a small enough body that it won't necessarily be as impactful as you want, and paying two fate for this body and effect doesn't seem all that worthwhile. If this didn't require attacking alone it would be solidly good IMO, but it's hard to get this guy big enough to break, and while he does shut down reveal reaction provinces those are somewhat weak at this phase anyway. Perhaps a card for a different meta.
I Fight Dragons – 2/5
This is a really cool effect; sadly, I think there won’t be many “on reveal” provinces in the core set meta and since he has to attack alone, it’s difficult to get him to the point where he breaks a province with a nasty repeat effect while alone. The stats are just not good enough and the effect is a little too narrow for him to really shine.
nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
Brash Samurai pretty much is the go-to 2-cost solo military guy, so Cautious suffers for that. His ability is also more restrictive, turning off immediately if you put in another character. Still might see play considering the lack of military in Crane.
Grendel - 2/5
I really value scouting in this game, but this is a little too expensive and a little too narrow to be of use.
Benjoewoo – 3/5
Unlikely to be good in core only outside of a few relatively niche situations. If side boarding were allowed, this would be significantly better. May be better if there are more ways to deny defender declarations.
Probably one of the best 2 drops of the game

Every time I see it on the board it's a pain in my back. Cancels all the "when revealed" provinces. I have started to hate it a smuch as a doji challenger. It doesn't have the raw potential of the brash samurai, but cancelling provinces is such a great boost.


Actually, I think there's a current topic complaining about the randomness of the province effects. Can't understand how this card is not, therefore, considered into the province hate ecuation.

Nov 11 2017 06:50 PM
Just a fantastic early draw to start safely testing your opponents defenses using that spare early military conflict that Crane have. -and if your opponent doesn't respect the scout a banzai and katana later and you have a break!

I run 2 of this guy and I don't mind him showing up later to either feint into provinces with him or form part of a credible military threat that crane can manage towards the end of the game.
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