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Duelist Training

Duelist Training

Duelist Training

Type: Attachment
Cost: 1
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Crane
Attached character gains: "Action: During a conflict, this character initiates a [Military] duel – resolve the duel. Instead of giving honor for this duel's bid, a player may discard the required number of cards from their hand. Bow the loser of the duel."
Influence: 1
Deck: Conflict
Number: 142
Illustrator: Charles Urbach
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From the article - http://www.cardgamed...iew-crane-r2103


Kingsley - 3/5
Interestingly, this isn't even really a Crane card - clans with higher military values will find this attachment much more useful. The effect is quite strong, but it suffers from being an attachment that doesn't cost zero, and keep in mind that the alternate cost is mostly a downside here. Strangely, this doesn't grant the Duelist trait, though that's not relevant at this phase.
I Fight Dragons – 4/5
This card is amazing on a character with mid to high (4+ military). Basically, you pay 1 and get a fairly reliably repeatable bow action on the character. That said, this card really shines outside of Crane in factions like Lion and Dragon who can get their military to ludicrously high levels and basically bow anybody. Very solid.
nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
Theoretically a good card that should provide an advantage roughly proportional to the differential between your military strength and the target’s military strength every time you use it. However, the general clunkiness of it as well as the potential to backfire restricts the card a little. Crane also doesn’t quite have the military strength to abuse this regularly.
Grendel - 3/5
Does what it says it does, I don’t know who is going to discard cards to cancel the bow effect unless the game depends on it. Seems way better out of faction than in faction currently. I really like this in Crab choke.
Benjoewoo – 4/5
If dueling gets better, this rating will be accurate—if dueling remains rather few and far between or difficult to work, this is a 3/5 because 1 fate + 1 or 2 cards to bow someone is not very efficient.

Can I trigger Duelist training on a card that's already bowed?


For example, I have Duelist Training on Intimidating Hida (who is bowed). Can he challenge an opponent's char to a duel?

Sure, there is nothing on the card that says you have to be straighten to trigger the action. 

Interesting observation that, as it's got me thinking now whether this might work well for Unicorn, what with the frequent opportunity to move in an exhausted character.


Shame Moto Horde can't attach it. That combo may be worth more if we see other efficient high-mil cavalry cards that can...