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Favorable Ground

Favorable Ground

Favorable Ground

Type: Holding
Strength: +1
Clan: Neutral
Action: During a conflict, sacrifice this holding. Choose a character you control – move that character to the conflict or home from the conflict.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 128
Illustrator: Jon Hodgson
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...-review-n-r2091


Benjoewoo – 4/5
In the core set only environment, this card is fairly strong with its game unique ability offering bilateral movement. However, as future sets come out, it is likely other cards with greater utility and less opportunity cost will come out, which would lower the rating of this card. This will likely be initially included in decks to avoid splashing Unicorn for movement.

nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
I find holdings rather hard to evaluate with 0 gameplay thus far. In a sense, holdings grant you ‘free’ effects/benefits at the cost of one dynasty slot. This is great when you have not enough fate to play out your entire dynasty flop anyway (and works well with extra Dynasty flip effects), but not great if there’s ever a scenario where you have too much fate and too little to spend it on. Fortunately, this game allows you to direct excess fate to keep characters around longer, whereas the reverse is not true (you can’t underspend fate to buy half a character).

Favorable Ground itself is worth something close to a situational stand/bow effect on a character, if you are able to use it optimally. For no fate cost and in conjunction with extra dynasty flips, it’s pretty decent.

Grendel - 3/5
A very powerful ability. The ability to exit out of conflicts with a bomb after forcing your opponent to over commit is well worth the cost of a dynasty card. A very heavy tempo play at an expensive cost, but I think it is worth it in the decks that don’t have holdings they want to run.

Kingsley - 3/5
This card allows for some great moves that other things - even Unicorn - can't really do, though being a holding may be a bit of a weakness.