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Golden Plains Outpost

Golden Plains Outpost

Golden Plains Outpost

Type: Stronghold
Strength: +0
Clan: Unicorn
Action: During a [Military] conflict, bow this stronghold. Choose a Cavalry character you control – move it to that conflict.
Starting Honor: 10
Fate Value: 7
Influence: 10
Deck: Stronghold
Number: 7
Illustrator: Alayna Lemmer
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Very useful. Consistent and powerful. Strenght 0 is bad but due to the high pressure on your opponent is hard for him to reach this stronghold and its also likely that unicorn reachs enemy stronghold before him.

You can't really judge Strongholds in isolation. If you compare this to other Clan's strongholds it looks weak, with low Honor, no strength boost, and an ability that is trait-conditional to get the most out of, and which makes your board more flexible rather than more powerful. This is widely regarded as the weakest stronghold of the core set, and with good reason.

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Oct 20 2017 02:14 AM

can you target a character already in a conflict with this card to bypass Hida Kisada's ability for other events in my hand.

Quick question, this card says "Choose a Cavalry character you control" and the rules reference says "A player controls the cards in his out of play game areas such as hand, decks and deck discard piles". Does this mean you can bow the stronghold to move a Cavalry from the discard pile into the conflict? Sorry if it's a noob question :)
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Dec 02 2017 12:06 AM
Honestly Frappy as the rules are written I think you're right, but I'm guessing it's not the intent as Shinjo Tatsuo has similar wording and he doesn't seem to be a necromancer...

Tweet it at fantasy flight and see what they say. ;)

Would be quite a turnaround for unicorn if this was the intent...


This is incorrect as per below!

Rules reference guide, pg 2.


Card abilities only interact with, and can only target, cards that are in play, unless the ability specifically refers to an out-of-play area or element. Card abilities on characters, attachments, holdings, strongholds, and provinces can only be initiated or affect the game while they are in play unless the ability specifically refers to being used from an out-of-play area, or require that the card be out of play for the ability to resolve. Event cards and role cards implicitly interact with the game from an out-of-play area, as established by the rules of their cardtypes.


So nope, only in-play characters.

That should work both conflict types and ability should be able to pull out cav units from conflict as well.