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Hiruma Yōjimbō

Hiruma Yōjimbō

Hiruma Yōjimbō

Type: Character
Cost: 2
Military Skill: 4
Political Skill: 3
Glory: 2
Clan: Crab
Bushi. Yōjimbō.
This character cannot be declared as an attacker.
Enemies learned quickly: it was never wise to give her reason to draw that awful blade.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 28
Illustrator: Shen Fei
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...view-crab-r2098


Benjoewoo – 4/5
This card is efficient, and its drawback can be relatively easy to play around, making it solid in the core only environment. It may even have value into future sets depending on whether more non-clan specific movement effects are released.

Kingsley - 3/5
Great stats for price, but they can only be used defensively aside from tricks. The high glory on this card is ironically a downside because it will attract dishonor effects that would otherwise be wasted, but overall this fits quite well into the Crab battle plan - just watch out for Assassinate.

nyxnyxnyx - 5/5
Crazy stats, with a downside you can *usually* play around if you intend to defend at all. As long as you’re not getting Covert-ed every conflict, it’s easy to find value out of her undercosted body. Also a great target for Charge! or other put-into-play/movement effects, letting her attack. 

Grendel - 3/5
Great stats for cost, he can still participate in a conflict if you can find ways to get him in there. The downside about dedicating ways to get this guy into conflicts as an attacker is that Crab is so low on threat density that he will just get assassinated.

I Fight Dragons – 3/5
This card has fantastic stats for its cost at the expense of not being able to be declared as an attacker. She often makes it difficult for your opponent to win a conflict which is fantastic for a 2 drop, but she won’t help you directly win the game, just not lose. You can also get around her drawback by moving her into an attacking conflict after declaration with something like Favorable Ground.

Huge stats - Huge drawback

Love to see her breaking provinces with Favored Grounds.


I usually hit the void or fire ring as soon as I see her, as she's very resilient against routs and outwits. Plus, mountain does not fall and water ring make her a resilient defender.

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3 fate to have this up for 2 turns is a great deal, in my mind, and I'm rarely sad to see her turn face up on my provinces.


She's dead good at routing on defence too. Stand her in the way of a political powerhouse card, play rout, and the attack is over. 


Hakkor, I haven't tried that Favorable Ground trick yet, but I love it already!

Considering how aggresive the decks out there are, and they tend to have better stats for cost than crab, i rate this card highly. Surviving past the first 2 turns can be tough. And post 6in6 its likely to get worse.