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Jade Tetsubō

Jade Tetsubō

Jade Tetsubō

Type: Attachment
Cost: 2
Bonus Military Skill: +3
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Crab
Jade. Weapon.
Attach to a character you control. Restricted.
Action: While attached character is participating in a conflict, bow this attachment. Choose a participating character with lower [Military] skill than attached character – return all fate on that character to its owner’s fate pool.
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 134
Illustrator: Lukas Banas
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...view-crab-r2098


Kingsley - 2/5
Paying 2 for 3 stats isn't good in an environment where 2 stats often costs 0, and while the ability is strong the fact that it refunds the fate means it isn't as huge a blowout as you might think. Further, the likely prevalence of attachment control means even in that rare situation where you get bigger than a clan champ and knock a fate or two off, they may well be able to stop you. Could be solid in a different meta, though?

nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
Not great. If you jump through the hoops and hit a target with 2 fate on it, then it’s roughly a sharper Fine Katana with upside (admittedly big upside). 1 and below, meh. Getting hit by Let Go / Calling in Favors - priceless.

Grendel - 2/5
Close to being 1/5 but +3 is a big swing. It’s action seems pretty terrible as it can enable shenanigans an opponent couldn’t previously afford. Can empty a character that is overly invested to punish an opponent. Can also be done to save yourself some money if you overly invest and get punished by debuffs.

I Fight Dragons – 3/5
Tetsubo is theoretically a great card for keeping your opponent from building any sort of lasting board state, which can put them in the sort of choke hold Crab likes to have. Unfortunately, I think the game will have quite a bit of attachment hate, and having this card that you paid 2 fate for get discarded or traded by Calling in Favors might be too swingy to warrant much play.

I don't like the fact they get the fate back.

For sure, but what they don't get back is the Fate cost of playing the character itself. You take the typical situation of a Lion's Pride Brawler with 2 fate on it, for example, and you've changed the situation from being 5 fate for 3 turns of a great character to 3 fate for 1 turn of a great character, with an additional tempo loss of 2 fate being moved back a turn in affecting the board state.


Its one of those things you have to see in play to realise how effective it is.


Unfortunately, it has the critical weakness of being an expensive attachment, and with the high prevalence of Let Go and Calling in Favors is too much of a liability for that reason.


Also weakening it in the current meta is the high prevalence of characters being played without Fate at the end of the Imperial Cycle, whether its Crab Voltrons staying in play through card effects, or Scorpion dropbear decks sidestepping the whole fate-in-play subgame with their unique playstyle.


For now, this is a card to remember and mentally file away, to become useful some time in the near future when we reach a sufficient density of weapon attachments to make Time for War viable.