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Type: Attachment
Cost: 1
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +1
Clan: Unicorn
Item. Gaijin.
Reaction: After attached character commits to a conflict or moves to a conflict – draw 1 card. (Limit twice per round.)
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 193
Illustrator: Aaron Miller
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Can't decide if this is a good card or not.


On the one hand +1 political for 1 fate isn't great, especially in Unicorn.


On the other, drawing cards easily is nice, right?


But the first draw basically just gets it to a starting point of some sort of value, and as the draws are delayed till conflicts, I think even at 2 cards you've only really broken even with a card like Ornate Fan. You've got to get three draws out of this for it to be a strong play, and that means putting it on a character with Fate, which means even more eggs in one basket.


I'm feeling that this card might not actually be that good at all. Thoughts?

Asklepios - those match my first thoughts on this card almost exactly. However, so many people have been saying how good it is, I've been thinking that I missed something. And there is at least one catch here - most move effects will let you move a bowed character to a conflict. Which will let you get your second use out of this card and will also prevent the honor loss from unopposed (assuming you don't want to defend for real and opp doesn't waste resources on sending home a bowed guy)

Assuming you get to draw one immediately (and why wouldn't you?) 1 Fate 0 Cards for +1 Pol is already ok-ish, similiar to what you usually get per fate (not considering the dynasty card cost, 1 Fate is usually around +1 skill).  1 Fate for +1 Card +1 Political is a pretty great trade I'd take anyday, so anything beyond that is just bonkers. Considering Unicorn has plenty of ways to make this card draw you twice a round, one gets *massive* value even out of two rounds of use (1 Fate for +1 Pol +3 Cards is crazy).

Sep 06 2017 10:36 PM

Extremely good with characters that you get to use twice. Dragons and Crabs with Mountain does not fall and every move effect. It's a great card, and among the reasons (the other being Captive Audience obviously) you'd like to splash Unicorn if you are not playing them

Sep 07 2017 03:23 AM

With the ruling on Ide Trader (Ide Trader triggers when he himself moves in to a conflict), Ide Trader became a one-man economic engine. I attach spyglasses to him because I'll be attaching favored mounts on him as well. Ide Trader alone can net you 4 fate/cards per turn (if you have the movement effects required) and 2 cards from spyglass. This is just too bonkers not to be an autoinclude in Unicorn. I find that Unicorn loses steam if you don't have a steady economy from Spyglasses and Ide Trader so this is a must for me. 5/5

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I just read on another site that you could play Spyglass on an opponents character to possibly keep them from activating it since you would get the card draw benefit?

Excellent card. Gives you card draw, a bit of Political strenght, and lets you bid low and pressure opponent's honor. Easy to activate twice a round in Unicorn. Gaijin OP.

Dec 28 2017 08:46 AM

I just read on another site that you could play Spyglass on an opponents character to possibly keep them from activating it since you would get the card draw benefit?


Yes indeed, the attachment is yours, not your opponent's, so YOU draw even if you don't control the character.