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The Mountain Does Not Fall

The Mountain Does Not Fall

The Mountain Does Not Fall

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Clan: Crab
Action: Choose a character – until the end of the phase, that character does not bow as a result of conflict resolution while defending. (Max 1 per round.)
Influence: 3
Deck: Conflict
Number: 138
Illustrator: Antonio José Manzanedo
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From the article review - http://www.cardgamed...view-crab-r2098


Kingsley - 4/5
Quite strong. In the dream scenario you can actually fight three times with the same guy using this, since it lasts until the end of the phase. Three influence means this will be hard to import, but perhaps still worth it at times.

nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
Pretty much a ‘stand’ effect for defending characters, except you can be screwed by a bow after playing this. Also makes send-homes less costly for your opponent.

Grendel - 5/5
One of the best crab cards. Very powerful, only if they had some characters that didn’t cost 4+ to use this on. 

I Fight Dragons – 5/5
A lot of this game is about resource advantage, where you try to have your opponent expend more resources than you in order to stay even. The Mountain Does Not Fall is one of the best forms of resource advantage because it lets you re-use a character where they cannot and that is a big deal. This card will probably see play for a good long while.

This card is INSANE