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Unassuming Yōjimbō

Unassuming Yōjimbō

Unassuming Yōjimbō

Type: Character
Cost: 3
Military Skill: 3
Political Skill: 1
Glory: 0
Clan: Scorpion
Bushi. Yōjimbō.
Covert. (When this character attacks, choose one character without covert. That character cannot be declared as a defender.)
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 181
Illustrator: Shen Fei
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This lady is unexpectedly good, depending on Scorpion strategy. With a Disnasty deck that is (almost) exclusively focused on politics, a Military 3 with covert can break provinces easily if accompanied by another cheap character, and she tends to draw a lot of attention. Since in military conflicts there are less control cards (bowing and such effects), your opponent will have to unwillingly waste a lot of cards intended for attack only to prevent his province from breaking.


Excellent tool to make first conflict taunts (the enemy military character should not be allowed to defend) and force some military weak/attack focused characters to defend. Or, also nice for second conflicts once your opponent has bowed most of his characters after an "all-in" first politic attack.

Very much agree. Context matters here too, as covert on a Scorpion helps generate unopposed challenges, and keeps the risk of dishonour victory in an opponent's mind. Zero glory is a positive as well, as Scorpions are much more likely to get dishonoured than honoured.