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Yogo Hiroue

Yogo Hiroue

Yogo Hiroue

Type: Character
Cost: 4
Military Skill: 0
Political Skill: 4
Glory: 2
Clan: Scorpion
Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, choose a non-participating character – move that character to this conflict. Then, if you win the conflict, you may dishonor that character.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 106
Illustrator: Magali Villeneuve
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Dec 08 2017 07:57 PM

I am never sad to discover the Banjo Bro.


His ability gives him the unicorn power of going in alone then bringing in help as required after the opponent has made commitment decisions.


He can also bring tapped out characters into conflicts to cause all kinds of havoc- like a tapped out shoju or kachiko who can then use their abilities to drastically alter the conflict outcome :)


Finally he can do the Doji Challenger thing AND gets to dishonour whoever he sucked into the conflict if the scorps win! Which can be a great way to land an I can swim without spending a way of the scorp. Or to just casually ruin someone's defensive line.


I find him a bit of an MVP

Not to mention that, when Scorps go first, he's the ideal answer vs the most annoying character in the game. We all know who... He's the best Scorpion character so far, I think.

Agree. His only weak spot is his high glory value, which is more often liability than benefit thanks to the Scorpion tendency to self-dishonouring for benefit. Also, there's a mild anergy between his ability and the usual plays of Court Games and For Shame, but only a mild one! He's also quite likely to get messed around by opposing effects if you're NOT first player, so expect him to be a prime target for Lion's Pride Brawler, Bayushi Yunako, Doji Challenger and so on.


But yes, clearly a star player of Scorpion.