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Fire Tensai Initiate

Fire Tensai Initiate

Fire Tensai Initiate

Type: Character
Cost: 1
Military Skill: 0
Political Skill: 0
Glory: 2
Clan: Phoenix
Shugenja. Fire. Scholar.
“Can you coax your mind from wandering and keep to the original oneness?” – Tao of Shinsei
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 4
Illustrator: Anna Christenson
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Together with Solemn Scholar an excellent caster of Benten's Touch. It is also a scholar, which means that Asako Tsuki can honor her into a respectable 2/2 or 4/4 with the core set stronghold. 


With the new stronghold, this should be an excellent addition as well, but this time with Supernatural Storm in mind. With this latest expansion, we probably have enough low cost phoenix characters to make some sort of rush deck relying heavily on supernatural storm as banzai 4-6.

2 Glory towards the favor for 1 Fate is not a bad trade.

Turns out I was right about the deck with supernatural storm, but you don't need this card in that deck. Having played this little runt, I do not think it is worth the dynasty draw and fate investment most of the time. 2 glory is nice, shugenja is nice, scholar is okay, fire is useful. But it does not do anything on its own except contribute 2 glory, and we already have other cards that do that, but better. Now that we have a third 1 cost shugenja for phoenix in ethereal dreamer, you will need a good reason to consider this card in addition to the 6 other, better 1 cost shugenja.

Gotta admit, wasn't feeling the card was worthwhile even before Ethereal Dreamer, but I agree its even more redundant now.

I didn't feel like I had enough 1-drop Shugenja before Ethereal Dreamer, and I pretty much still don't. Also Ethereal Dreamer has 0 glory.

Splashed with Lion, she makes a great candidate for My Ancestors Strength, especially if Fuschicho is in your graveyard.