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Imperial Librarian

Imperial Librarian

Imperial Librarian

Type: Character
Cost: 2
Military Skill: 2
Political Skill: 2
Glory: 2
Clan: Neutral
Courtier. Imperial. Scholar.
Fire role only.
Each other character gets +1 glory.
“Only the most esteemed of samurai may use this library.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 92
Illustrator: Florian Stitz
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scorpion would love to see one more courtier that makes dishonored guys even more miserable 

Jul 20 2018 06:43 PM
Phoenix would enjoy it too I thought. That's a LOT of potential glory.

This guy fits well into Crane and has the right Trait. Can be a double edged sword, but if your opponent has more honored characters than you, you aren't playing Crane right.

Jul 21 2018 03:52 AM

Any Phoenix running Sanpuku Seido would hate this

On both sides of the table. Agree with xRAVEx, Scorpion would seem to love this the best. Though, y'know, Crane has just gained some dishonouring tech too...