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Kuni Laboratory

Kuni Laboratory

Kuni Laboratory

Type: Holding
Strength: +0
Clan: Crab
Each character you control gets +1[Military] and +1[Politics].
Forced Reaction: After the conflict phase begins – lose 1 honor.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 84
Illustrator: Alvaro Calvo Escudero
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Builder!


Just wait till conflict phase begins and rebuild these into provinces....sick final push potential.

Jul 20 2018 06:40 PM
Oh man. I feel like this is nuts! Please someone explain how this isn't a crazy good card that I need to fear? Will everyone go after the Earth for their second role, just to get Sabotage?

Its real good looking but more than two in play could kill you real fast so Crab will have to be careful with it.

I could be forced to lose an honor?


Damn, no thanks, I'm staying clear of this one. There's a big difference for Crab between cards that let you spend that spare honor proactively and ones that force you to spend it.


This seems to be a great way to set up your own game losses. Plus, you know, there are a lot of really good holding options for Crab already...


For Unicorn or Lion, this woulda been sweet, but Crab tends to be a little taller, and tends to more often play in the realm of dishonor brinksmanship. No way am I letting this card near my Crab deck.

However, if you bring it by Rebuild, you wouldn't lose the honor (since it applies as the conflict phase begins)

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Indeed, you can rebuild or miya satoshi over this holding if you cannot capitalize on it. And it doesn't really cost you that honor if you can then win on an air challenge thanks to the bonus strength.


Rebuild was already plenty powerful, but this makes it even better. 

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Sure, but it's that chaos factor. It could flip randomly at the time when you're right on the very edge of dishonor loss. It could cost you 1 honor just at the time when you were planning to use Spreading the Darkness or Assassination. 


And for sure, Rebuild is a great card.


As for Miya Satoshi, also a great card, but a great card where you want to have the potential to safely lose 5 honor later in the game, because that happens a lot with Crab/Satoshi builds.


I'd say if you're going to run this holding, run no more than 1 copy. Me, I'll be leaving it behind.