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Perfect Land Ethos

Perfect Land Ethos

Perfect Land Ethos

Type: Event
Cost: 2
Clan: Neutral
Action: Discard each status token.
“Shoshi ni kie.” – chant of the Perfect Land Sect
Deck: Conflict
Number: 100
Illustrator: Scott Wade
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Jul 20 2018 06:34 PM
I would say they are putting this in to ensure everyone has an answer to honor decks if they begin to grow. Also dishonor I suppose. But for now I wouldn't really expect anyone to bother with it.

It would be fairly strong against Scorpion as it shuts down the advantage they can build with a Cunning Magistrate.  On the downside it also turns back on alot of their tricks.  Crane and Lion will also not be a fan of given the reliance many of their characters have on achieving honorable status for stat boosts and to activate various card effects.

It's a weird one, as that's a high fate cost but also quite a significant board state change.


My main thought on using it proactively would be as Scorpion, to clear characters to use more dishonour-for-benefit effects, and that's helped along by the fact that Scorpion can discount this event.