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Raging Battleground

Raging Battleground

Raging Battleground

Type: Province
Strength: 4
Clan: Lion
Reaction: After this province is revealed, choose a non-unique character with no fate on it – discard that character.
Element: void
Deck: Province
Number: 81
Illustrator: Eli Ring
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Jul 20 2018 06:32 PM
Sounds scary but way too unreliable. I don't think I'd even try this. Maybe as a way to discard my own final honored character to get one point higher. But the chance of it being my final point for victory seems pretty unlikely.

Contesting for slots with Shameful Display, Pilgrimage and the new mini-charge means this will be binder fodder for a while.

Agree with your assessment.


What this card and some other ones this cycle do, however, is make being a unique character a better thing than being a non-unique character, and basically has the meta-effect of when we are deckbuilding guiding us all to pick the unique over the non-unique, if they're otherwise equal in quality.