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Formal Invitation

Formal Invitation

Formal Invitation

Type: Attachment
Cost: 0
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +1
Clan: Crane
Attach to a character with glory 2 or higher.
Action: During a [Politics] conflict – move attached character to the conflict.
“It would be an honor if you would join us.”
Influence: 3
Deck: Conflict
Number: 14
Illustrator: Joyce Maureira
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Jun 24 2018 12:59 AM

This seems like it would be fun with my Venerable Historians, but realistically the 2 Glory restriction seems like it wouldn't end up being very usable. Could allow me to defend conflicts with bowed attackers, which is big for my Lion Honour, which already splashes Crane. I think I'll check it out.

You can also play this on opponent's characters and move them into unfavourable conflicts, for example Akodo Toturi. Essentially blanking his text.

all harpoon effects are strong in this game. And being able to pull some military powerhouse in the political conflict is awesome

Agree, this is a lovely versatile card, and being a 0-cost non-event that affects conflict outcomes is always inherently strong. Definitely worth a single inclusion punt. Probably multiple copies too risky though, as the opportunity windows might be limited against, say, Crab.

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The 2 glory requirement is probably just as much to ensure that you do not pull your guest of honor into the conflict. I like the flexibility that you can either pull in characters so that you can force a province break, or to bow your opponent's heavy hitter by pulling them into a conflict you were already losing. 


Pity that it costs 3 influence a pop, since this card is strong enough to splash for. You could pull in anyone if you are on the old Phoenix stronghold. 

Just got my ass-kicked by a Crane deck faking a small political attack, and then moving in Doji Hotaru afterwards.


Now it's happened to me once, I'll be keeping an eye out for that (as I did have a "why on earth would he not commit Hotaru" moment), but still, nice game-decisive trick.


Amusingly, he played THREE of these, and that gave the exact amount of POL needed to make the break.