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Asahina Takako

Asahina Takako

Asahina Takako

Type: Character
Cost: 4
Military Skill: –
Political Skill: 5
Glory: 2
Clan: Crane
Shugenja. Air.
You may look at facedown cards in each province you control.
Action: Choose a card in one of your provinces – switch that card with a card in another of your provinces or discard it.
“Life is already fleeting. Why waste such precious time with war?”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 26
Illustrator: Maerel Hibadita
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I'm pretty sure I'm overhyped for this card as she has a - mil and 5 pol which makes up for it. But it's the trait Crane needs right now to complete the set. Her text isn't half bad either! Let's move that Imperial Palace to Shameful Display :)

Jun 28 2018 08:08 PM

Cute effect, but seems like a very expensive air shugenja, when Crane already has a lot of those?

I suppose you could set up some interesting splash cards, like Raise The Alarm?

Milling for Yoshi or a power card isn't half bad. But requiring this 4 cost who can only be in political conflicts seems too much of a cost in the first place.

Can't be MIL-duelled by those damn Dragon decks, which is nice, so I'll take the "-" as a benefit, not a downside. And agree, that trait is a welcome sight on a half-decent character.


It's a finesse ability, but I think I like it.


Interesting design. Lots of potential here for leveraging subtle advantage.


Tell ya what though, Crane really really needs a POL version of Charge right now... Even if such a thing was Restricted from the outset, they'd totally run it.

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Completely agree with you on this one Asklepios. I'd definitely run a Pol version of Charge. 


Looking at your face downs can pair well with Nerishma. A surprise Imperial Palace at end of turn, tutored to where you want it can grab you the favor. She doesn't have the raw stats of Kudaka, but has a very niche ability which can swing the game in your favor, literally.