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Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden

Type: Holding
Strength: +0
Clan: Crane
Action: During an [Air] conflict – gain 1 honor.
“Daily caretaking leads to a life of peace.” – Tao of Shinsei
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 27
Illustrator: Derek D Edgell
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Jun 28 2018 08:09 PM

Oh MAN I wish I had a Bonsai Garden for my Honourable Lions... So easy!


Otherwise, I would guess this support Crane with their own run for Honour, and allows them to pay for more draw?

Interesting card eh?


My thought here is that if your opponent sees this card, they bid 1, as you wouldn't include this card unless you're making an honour run.


So maybe the trick here is to run one of this card, declare "at last!" when it turns up, and then proceed to bud 5 for mucho card advantage mitigated by the holding.

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Actually, couldn't you just play this holding as a weird card draw holding? You get more honor to spend on assassinates, banzai or on extra draws. All you need to do is make runs on the Air ring worthwhile with some other chararcters like Kaito Kosori, Kudaka or the Fu Sui Disciple.


As an added benefit, this really makes opponents unwilling to start air ring conflicts on their own accord.


It should also add some resilience against dishonor decks. Sounds like a card that covers a lot of bases if you can fulfill the requirements.