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Border Fortress

Border Fortress

Border Fortress

Type: Province
Strength: 4
Clan: Unicorn
Action: During a conflict at this province, choose a facedown province – reveal that province.
The first stage of attack. The first line of defense.
Element: air
Deck: Province
Number: 22
Illustrator: Alayna Lemmer
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Jun 28 2018 08:12 PM

I quite like this! I don't know if it is actually as effective as my first impression wants it to be of course. So, you could flip up your own provinces with When Revealed effects and they should hit people in this battle? Allows you to use those effects at your choice, rather than the opponents (to a degree).

Also allows you to scout your opponent a bit, although those When Revealeds could come back to haunt you in that case. Iuchi Wayfinder helps trigger enemy provinces when they will least affect you?


Early check what's under their Stronghold, so you can go in on it appropriately.

Good thoughts, though I have to say that all sounds really complicated to me. Not sure that it's worth running. Be more inclined to give it a try if it was a Water province, though

Asklepios, it's actually a bit better that it's not a Water Province. It allows you to run Rally on your SH as a combat trick. Being able to flip Lion, Dragon, or Crab to Political can be devastating. Nevermind the amount of info this card can give to your future attacks. The fact that you can weaponize your Provinces is not to be underestimated.


The flavour text of this card perfectly describes its function as both a card to attack your opponent, and defend yourself.

The problem with using this on defence with Rally on your stronghold though is that you then lose Rally's ability when the attack on your stronghold eventually comes.  It also confirms to your opponent that you are definitely NOT running Endless Plains (although the jig's kind of up anyway: Everyone knows that 9/10 Unicorn decks run Rally under their stronghold....).  If its enough to gain tempo advantage by preventing an early game province break then it might be worth it, but personally I'd like to see a wider range of decent 'When revealed' province abilities before I include it.