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Kuni Yori

Kuni Yori

Kuni Yori

Type: Character
Cost: 5
Military Skill: 4
Political Skill: 4
Glory: 1
Clan: Crab
Shugenja. Earth. Daimyō.
During [Earth] conflicts, each character you control gets +1[Military] and +1[Politics].
Action: During a conflict, lose 1 honor. Choose a player – that player discards 1 card at random from his or her hand.
“I know our enemy.”
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 25
Illustrator: Maerel Hibadita
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Jun 28 2018 08:19 PM

I know my Crab repping buddy was ecstatic when Yori was spoiled. It looks like very nasty stuff for my hand.


I am liking how the rings are really becoming very important for the things they trigger and enable in a deck, rather than just inherent effect. It makes the choice of conflict get more and more fascinating!

This guy is just nuts, enables a solid CTM slot and just destroys your opponent's hand forcing them to draw more and potentially focus on the Earth ring, which is where you want them in Crab.



Have hit many many games against Crab where we're both bidding 1 but where they have honour to spare. This card adds to the choke, and is frankly brutal.