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Teachings of the Elements

Teachings of the Elements

Teachings of the Elements

Type: Province
Strength: 5
Clan: Phoenix
This province gets +1 strength for each claimed ring.
“You cannot balance the elements when you are without balance.” – Tao of Shinsei
Element: earth
Deck: Province
Number: 21
Illustrator: Eli Ring
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Jun 28 2018 09:18 PM

I like this for Phoenix, but although it sounds really amazing, its actually just going to be a slightly tougher province, which people could use a lot for farming, right?

At the moment, just being hard to break doesn't seem to be enough in a province. Is it that you can only be sure there is one or two hard to breaks in a line-up and then you just break all the others? Do there need to be more spread through the province elements?

I think the situation is the same as with Demonstrating Excellence vs Manicured/Fertile.

This province CAN be better than Entrenched in Pol or Ancestral in Mil, but this advantage is much smaller, than if you compare this with Entrenched in Mil/Ancestral in Pol. So I think the 2 core Earth provinces are simply better.

This is a multiplayer card. It can also be okay if you want an earth province in the row and you are running secluded shrine. Should make this a 6 strength province which is not nothing. Your opponent will have to commit more prowess, or spend an additional card to break this. If you are interested in defending at all, don't want an earth province on the stronghold and you run secluded shrine, maybe this is something you want to play. 


On the stronghold, I think you will be better served with one of the core set earth provinces.